Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup

Backup all of your information simply in one click with our cloud backup services. Shield your data from file corrupt, files deletion or device fail etc. Thus it's necessary to keep your data safe & secure with best cloud backup solution. Our service is simple to use and manage to safeguard your important business data or personal information that is totally automatic, ascendible with 24x7x365 support.

Why you need Cloud backup?

Servers/VPS data get corrupted because of hacking, power supply off, device failure, viruses, malware, human errors or natural disasters etc. it may happen your vital information is lost. To restore this lost information could be a tough task. Thus to stay far from all this disturbance, it's necessary to backup your server data in an exceedingly secured place.

Why Cloud Backup

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Benefits of cloud Backup Service


Fully Integrated

Our cloud storage is flawlessly integrated with cPanel and Linux server and so it is possible to backup your important web content and database data without any interruption.


Mobile Access/Supportive

We provide cloud backup answer compatible and certificatory to mobile devices. You'll be able to access your data on mobile from anyplace anytime.


Completely Automatic

We take daily, weekly & a monthly automatic backup of your entire server content. All the backups are performed throughout the night while not troubling daily server tasks.

encrypted storage

Secure Encrypted Storage

All your backup information is stored within the top-quality encrypted kind, therefore you do not need to worry regarding information loss and disruption.

backup and restore

Rapid Backup & Restores

As we have a tendency to safely and rapidly backup your information, within the same method, you'll be able to instantly restore your information anytime simply in one click.


Per user accessible

With our hosting platform, we offer our backup service cPanel App to every user. Through this cPanel app, they can restore and download their own data.

Frequently asked questions

Online, or remote, file backup is a new technology that offers a way of remotely storing your data, such as documents, photographs, music and movies online through a third -party service, commonly called cloud storage.
Using cloud backup providers is a economic, simple and secure way of protecting all the data that you store on a hard drive. Your family pictures, loved music, favorite movies and irreplaceable documents can be uploaded in case your equipment fails or get corrupted. When your computer downloads a virus that makes your hard drive useless or your computer fails, you will always have the important files that you uploaded to an online backup provider. You can even share those files with a family member, friend or business associate.
The simple answer is yes. Remote backup providers offer the best security available. The top cloud providers use the same security technology that banks or credit card companies use to store your personal banking data. All the files you store on a cloud provider is as secure as your banking information stored on a bank’s website.

Almost every remote backup provider has their subscribers download a program to their computer, mobile device or laptop. Once this program is on your system, the application will let you choose the files on your hard drive that you want to upload and backup. You can even schedule a backup to be completed automatically.

When first using a remote backup provider, the initial backup service may take hours to scan all your data and backup each of your files on the hard drive. Once the initial scan and the original files are backed up, the automatic backup feature will only need to backup new or files that you have updated. Our experts suggest that you backup your files every day to ensure nothing is ever lost.

Of course. These remote backup providers only use the worldwide web to transfer your files to its backup equipment. The best cloud providers perform the automatic backup process while you are online performing normal tasks, such as looking at your email or surfing the net.

Remember that once the initial set up is complete, the automatic feature will only take a few seconds or minutes to backup your new or changed daily files.

Unlike your computer, which stores your files on physical equipment, such as CDs, DVDs, Zip disks or its own hard drive, a cloud storage provider stores your files on multiple hard drives. These are still physical equipment, but it seems like your files are being stored in a cloud, which refers to the Internet, that is floating around between any of the devices you use to access the cloud service provider. If you want to retrieve something from your computer, you have to be on that computer. However, if you want to retrieve something from a remote backup service, you can do it from anywhere or at anytime and with any piece of Internet equipment.

In case any client is not completely happy with our services we can provide a refund within 45 days from the date you opt in for any service. The refunds will be made after deducting the Service Tax and the Hourly charges for the work completed by us. If paid by credit card, refunds will be issued to the same credit card provided at the time of purchase and in case PayPal then it will refunded to same PayPal account. There will be no refund for any add-on or Licenses like: WHM/CPanel, Dedicated Server License, Plesk License, SSL Certificates, OnAPP, Domain Registration and Site Builder as these are purchased from third party Vendors & cloudhostworld does not get any refund in case of cancellation of licenses. cloudhostworld reserves the right to decide whether or not to issue pro-rated refunds under circumstances. For detailed information please check our privacy policy page.

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